Our Beliefs

What is a Presbyterian?

·         The Presbyterian denomination is a form of Christianity

        organized to embrace the faith common to all Christians.


What is required to be a Presbyterian?

·         All that is required to be a Presbyterian:

                Confess- the Christian faith

                Trust- in Christ as our forgiving  Savior

                Promise- to follow Christ and Christ’s example for living

                Commit- oneself to attend church and

                 to become involved in it’s work


What do Presbyterians believe?

·         Like Other Christians, Presbyterians believe in:

                God - Creator of the Universe

                Christ - The incarnation of God on earth

                Holy Spirit - The presence of God in the world and in the

                The Church - A universal company of Christ’s followers

                Forgiveness of Sin - Made possible by

                  the crucifixion of Jesus

                Life Everlasting - Shown by the resurrection of Jesus

                Bible - The inspired word of God


How can I become a Presbyterian?

·         Just contact the Church Secretary, or any church member .