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 The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy governed by Elders elected from and by the congregation.  Authority resides with the duly elected representatives of the congregation in the appointed church governing bodies.  The local church governing body is the Session.

Next Session Meeting December 16, 2010 @ 6PM.


  Church Staff


    Brenda Cardell   Rebekah Grimes
Vacant    Cardell   Grimes
Minister   Secretary/Treasurer   Nursery Attendant
Catherine Coke       Elizabeth Wallace






Director of Music








                Church Session



  Harris     Patriquin    Briggs 
 Clerk of Session    Administration     House & Grounds
 Coke   Hunter    Dantzler 
  Christian EducationHospitality Committee   Hospitality   House & Grounds 
      No Picture 
WeberWorshipMission & Evangelism






The Buildings and Grounds Committee  Co-chaired by, Dantzler & Briggs is responsible for the sanctuary building. education building, parking lots and grounds of the church.

The Congregational Nurture Committee Co-Chaired by,  Coke &  Hunter is the Christian Education at the First Presbyterian Church of Altus. It is responsible for the oversight of the education programs of the church.

The Worship Committee chaired by,  Weber. The Session, through the worship committee, is responsible in accordance with W-1.4009 for guiding the worship of the church and other corporate activities and gatherings of the congregation as a whole.

 The Administration Committee Co-chaired by, Kay &  Patriquin. The purpose of the Administration Committee is to oversee all church staff members.

The Stewardship Committee  Co-Chaired by, McQuinn & Briggs. The Stewardship Committee is responsible for supervising and executing a continuous program of stewardship information, promotion, and education for the church. It will be moderated by a member of the Session and shall include at least one additional member of the Session, the Church Treasurer, and at least three non-session members.

The Hospitality Committee Co-Chaired by, Hunter & Coke. This committee will be responsible for the social and aesthetic aspects of the congregation and church buildings.

The Mission and Evangelism Co-Chaired by, Weber & Meier. This Committee is to organize and maintain an effective program of evangelism.