Original ChurchWhile some Christian groups in Altus had their formal beginning during the 19th century, Presbyterians were organized as a particular church in the twentieth century. The First Presbyterian Church in Altus was organized in 1902. Its primary mission was to share the gospel, spiritually convert human souls, involve members in the spiritual life of the church, educate the youth, and promote an efficient church operation. The original sanctuary was moved to the northwest corner of “A” and Jackson streets where it may still be seen.  The lots on Cypress Street where the present sanctuary and education building are located, have been the continuous homes to Presbyterians in Altus. The R. J. Millen - First Ministerpresent sanctuary was built in 1950-51 and the education building was constructed in the early 60’s.   The First Presbyterian Church of Altus is a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  More than 1600 people have been confirmed members of the Altus congregation.  During this time, 27 pastors have served, each making his own unique contribution and serving faithfully and well.  The last few years have witnessed substantial improvements including refurbishment of furniture in the sanctuary, completely upgraded restrooms in the narthex, and careful repair work to the exteriors of both buildings.  A renovated kitchen in the education building has been a marked improvement.  The First Presbyterian Church today stands as a beautiful House of God where all are welcome.  It is the fulfillment of dreams, prayers, and struggles over the years.   Our future seems bright as we continue to experience spiritual support, Christian fellowship, and growth in membership. 


Pastors of the First Presbyterian Church

Robert James Millen


Robert M. Karr (Interim)


Clarence A. Pollock


Thomas Walter Griffiths


Robert Hodgson


Ruben Gryce Newsome


Charles Boyce Robinson

May 1930 - Jun 1937

Lawrence Milton Malloy

Jan 1938 - Jun 1940

Clyde Ramsey McCubbins

Apr 1941 - Mar 1943

Paul M. Joy

Oct 1944 - Oct 1947

Earl Wesley Peters

Feb 1948 - Jul 1953

H. Addison Woestmeyer

Oct 1953 - Dec 1956

Charles L. Morris

Jun 1957 - Aug 1963

David J. Welker

Dec 1963 - Aug 1968

Richard B. Morton

Feb 1969 - Jun 1971

David Dean Robinson

Oct 1971 - Jun 1980

Dr. James P. Kennedy

Mar 1981 - Apr 1985

Glennwood Buzbee (Interim)

Jun 1985 - Dec 1985

Edwin R. Brenegar III

Mar 1986 - Mar 1988

Homer L. Rickel (Interim)

Jan 1988 - Jan 1989

Kenneth McCollough (Interim)

Jan 1989 - Apr 1989

Grantland Marvin Groves

Sep 1989 - Sep 1994

Boyd Ash (Interim)

Sep 1994 - Dec 1995

Maurice B. Hibbard

Jan 1996 - Feb 2000

Harvey L. Friedel (Interim)

Mar 2000 - Dec 2001

David A. Schneider

Jan 2002 - Sep 2002

Harvey Friedel (Part Time)

Jan 2003 - Dec 2004

Maurice Hibbard (Part Time)

Jan 2003 - Jul 2006

Stacie D. Pitts

Nov 2006 - September 2008

Robert Bentley (Part-Time)

May 1, 2009-Present

Rev. Jenny Wynn (Communion Sunday)

May 1, 2009-Present


Sharing 107 years of


Strong Christian beliefs and Fellowship!